domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

“Norway will be recognizable again!”

View from the island of Utøya, photo by Renny Amundsen.

“Taken in 2010 we were in this area [the island of Utøya] for our fall photo hunt. Here is the way the fjord should look – peaceful and safe”.
in “Norway shocked after youths slaughtered and bombing in Oslo”, by our Norwegian friend Renny Bakke Amundsen. You may find him in RennyBA’s Terella.

We deeply wish to express our condolences and our solidarity to the shocked Norwegian people, mainly to the families of the victims of a fool who thinks he can fight alone – claiming nonsense idolatry for Templar Knights – against such complex phenomena as the “multiculturalism” he denounces.

Today I saw in the TV News a Norwegian young woman trying to explain that it was hard to believe that this man grew up in her very city, Oslo, usually so peaceful, and studied in the same University she does.

The worst is that he’s convinced that he’s a sort of God’s messenger, a Christian stoic soldier together with a Europe purifier, arguing to the Police that the slaughter he committed was “cruel but necessary”. To whom? – may we ask... as well as others did, centuries ago.

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  1. Faço minhas as tuas palavras de condolências e partilho dos sentimentos de estupor e indignação.

  2. Dear Luis,
    In times like this one understands how important it is to have the support of good friends. We have really felt that support from you since the first day when we received your text message. The only way to fight such forces is to stand together and show our care for eachother. I want you and Helene to know that your friendship means a lot to us and your support means a lot to us in this difficult time.

    Let me end with a quote from one of the survivors of the massacre: "If one man can show so much hate, think how much love we can show together."

  3. Great post, Luis! We agree with you and Renny with all our heart!
    Pierre and claudie

  4. Dear friends,
    Thank you all for your comments.
    For a week or so, I’ll be posting photos from Oslo, taken during that famous Blog Gathering of good memory, (almost) one year ago. Every post will be ‘stamped’ with the BG logo, intended to remember the city and also that Renny’s dream we all cherish: “Blogging Connecting People”.
    This is my way of paying tribute to such a beautiful city and its people, ravaged by the killing insanity of one of them.
    We’ll seek to meet again, will we not?